The team at Faunt get you results!

My house in Kingaroy had been for sale for 5!!! years and it was listed with 3 different agencies. Basically I was led to believe that there was no interest in my house.

However, about 2 years ago I started receiving letters from a new real estate agency in Kingaroy, which asked to list my property. Amazingly, as soon as I switched to Faunts Estate Agents, interested potential buyers turned up for viewing, the first family within 1 hour of listing my house with Faunts. This continued for about 4 months and today the property finally settled. During all this time the agents at Faunts were tirelessly promoting and showing the house. They were always patient, friendly and very knowledgeable. Putting this property into the ‘too hard’ basket was simply not an option for them. I wish Faunts Estate Agents had turned up in Kingaroy years earlier, they can teach the other agencies how buying and selling homes is done properly.